Performance Development

Performance development enhances organisational effectiveness by developing individual, team and leaders.

Performance development prepares people to do work through a proactive approach to learning to allow staff to acquire and practice necessary skills and knowledge. This then assist them to build confidence and enthusiasm in their work as a result of being and feeling competent to perform their work.

The performance development is designed to be consistent with and supportive of the direction the organisation has chosen and links the individual and team directly to the organisational desired outcomes through tailoring the development to the specific needs of the organisation.

The performance development can be designed to meet the needs of individuals, teams and leaders at any level of the organisation and include some or all of the following:

  • Learning-self management
  • Developing a personal success style
  • Increasing communication effectiveness
  • Understanding motivation and individual behaviour
  • Learning to lead others
  • Understanding teamwork and group behaviour
  • Re-designing work and tam concept
  • Creating high performance work teams

During these assessment and training projects, our company was totally dependent on Gordon’s expertise to identify problems and explore innovative solutions to the many requirements of various governmental authorities; to devise and implement the training; to complete the testing to the satisfaction of the Australian government authorities; as well as being able to manage the ongoing, underlying multicultural perspective. Gordon completed his assignment to our complete satisfaction, particularly as he was able to achieve our objectives “on time and on budget” – the hallmark of a true professional.

John Hiew
Business Manager
Almax Aluminium Pty Ltd