Organisational Development

For an organisation to achieve its full potential and to optimise the human achievement from the people within the structure there are some fundamental processes that are worthy of being reviewed.

The objective is to ensure that that the processes of integrating People, Information and Technology are working towards the successful achievement of the organisational outcomes. This process is to ensure that the people within the organisation have the best opportunity to achieve results through the flow of information and the relationships that are built to be successful.

The process begins with the declaration of the Purpose, Vision, and Strategy of the organisation and followed by clarification of the Strategic Initiatives and defining the specific outcomes that are required to be achieved.

The People, Information and Technology are then organised around the successful achievement of the organisational collective outcomes.

The Organisational Design process will assist in the following:

  • Define the true purpose of the organisation
  • Create a vision for the future
  • Develop both internal and external customer focus
  • Build a strategy for success
  • Build a strategy for success
  • Specify operating goals and objectives
  • Implement information-based work flows
  • Implement a decision-based organisation structure
  • Develop responsibility-based leadership
  • Develop commitment-based membership/ownership

Gordon assisted us greatly in providing two complicated assessment and training projects in 2006 and 2010 enabling us to enhance the level of industry expertise within our workforce which was met with great success, and for which we are most grateful.After much discussion and arrangements to confirm to regulations of various government authorities, we were able to send Gordon to China to assess these technicians in accordance with these rules and regulations.

The assessment required Gordon to perform various tests on these candidates in an aluminium extrusion factory there. Gordon was able to thoroughly test each individual worker. There were many difficulties due to cultural differences, different work practices as well as language problems. Gordon was in China for a week and was able to facilitate our employment of 6 of these technicians.

John Hiew
Business Manager
Almax Aluminium Pty Ltd